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A bit of history

Lauber Ltd was one of the first companies that started remanufacturing of automotive parts in Poland and Central Europe as early as in 1994. Since then a lot has changed both in the company’s strategy and our product range. We started with engine electrical system units i.e. alternators and starters and then gradually we have been adding other components that we remanufacture at our facility.

Now, that we are ‘burdened’ with 15 years of experience we can proudly announce we are one of the largest works in Poland. We have learnt that to stay on the pedestal one needs to strive for excellence. Having said that we maintain high quality of our products and services. We implement new solutions and take great care in what we do. We have been awarded APRA certificate - one of the most restrictive remanufacturers’ associations which establishes and issues standards to automotive industry worldwide.

According to APRA’s definition ‘regeneration’ is a process of rebuilding a used automotive part according to generally acknowledged art of engineering so that it could display the functionality and characteristics of a brand new part.



The range of parts we have in stock encompasses 10.000 pcs of both new and remanufactured components such as: starters, alternators, power steering, power pumps, manual steering, brake calipers, drive half-axles and CR Bosh injectors. All our products are available through retail trading network of one of the largest spare parts distributor in the middle-east Europe – Inter Cars Inc.

In July 2003 Inter Cars granted us access to their extensive distribution system of buyers throughout Europe including those associated in ATR.

All major Inter Cars’ channels of distribution make branches and their cooperating Q-services along with garage associations all over Poland. We have created a remanufacturing service program as well as core repurchase system especially for those entities.

Future investment and development

Although we have been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate for a couple of years now we have not rested on our laurels. We have been systematically striving to improve the quality of our products. At present it is comparable to the quality of European market leaders. We have been able to achieve that by equipping our facility with the latest state-of-the-art technology i.e. testers and other pieces of machinery used by the best and the biggest in the industry. To meet the market’s growing demand for regenerated parts and general world-wide tendency for recycling we continually widen the range of our products and invest in launching new production lines.

We believe that those investments as well as our commitment in development of human resources will let us strengthen our leadership position in the market and reflect in the future dynamic development of our remanufacturing activity.

Our mission

We have been constantly developing and trying to meet market demands. Our experience shapes, influences and makes our mission possible.

We try to be as much flexible as possible towards our customers and show a reliable and professional service. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and services and that is why our remanufactured items come with a 25 month guarantee. Our clients’ satisfaction and brand attachment are the greatest values to us.

Our vision

We constantly face new challenges as Lauber’s customers put a lot of trust in our activity. We feel obliged to ensure not only a complex customer service but also a guarantee that our products are safe and reliable to use. A condition for success in this philosophy is not only fulfilling customers’ expectations but rather predicting them.

Client – our priority

To meet our customers specific demands we launched  a HOTLINE service.  Our highly trained employees are available from 7.00 to 3.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and they will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries concerning our offer.

Main office:
Tel. (59) 848 11 36

Remanufacture service:
Tel. (59) 848 11 36, 661 603 688

Claims department:
Tel. (59) 848 11 36, 609 998 603

Should you have any inquiries or doubts feel free to fill in our contact form: contact form

Our professional employees, reliable and solid delivery channels of new components, quality check, repeated checks in production time as well as final technical check by means of the latest state-of-art testers and other professional measuring equipment that allow us to eliminate the slightest deviations from production standards – are just some of the elements that let our customers to purchase goods only of the highest quality.

Standards and availability

The range of our products both brand new and remanufactured consists of over 10.000 items to all car makes. This number covers 95% of demand of the European market.

Our current production lines for passenger cars:

  • starters
  • alternators
  • power steering
  • power pumps
  • manual steering
  • brake calipers
  • CR Bosch injectors

Our current production lines for heavy duty vehicles:

  • starters
  • alternators
  • power pumps
  • CR Bosch injectors

Privacy Policy

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Why us?

  • prices that suit average buyer
  • quick and reliable service: it takes us max.48h to regenerate a unit (sometimes even less). Our service includes regeneration of units even for the most uncommon car makes.
  • it takes us only two hours to reply by email to our customer’s inquiry
  • all our products come with 25 month warranty
  • we have simplified and adjusted the whole process of application for our customers’ convenience: we send a courier to pick up the unit and send it back on our cost.

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